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Can I control iBubble from the surface?

Yes, thanks to the Explorer pack, it is possible to control iBubble from the surface. Just plug in the cable and launch the app on your smartphone or controller and you can explore the depths without getting in the water!

Can iBubble avoid obstacles?

Yes, iBubble is equipped with sensor that allows the drone to identify obstacle from 1,5 meters in any direction.
However, obstacles avoidance is deactivated in this case :

  • Between 0 and 2 meters depth under the surface.
  • In Explorer Mode
  • If you choose to deactivated it during the dive

iBubble is autonomous because it is able to follow the remote without any cable, but it is not an intelligent robot able to identify where it is and take decision on where to go. It will only react to the command you communicate from the remote and adapt its position according to the transmitter. So you have to be sure iBubble is following you and have not faced some difficulties on the way.

In any case, please remember that the drone is always under your responsibility..

Which cameras are compatible with iBubble?

iBubble is fitted with a standard action camera mount allowing it to be compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and higher GoPro versions, as well as any other action camera, such as Paralenz or Olympus cameras. However, some cameras may be too big for iBubble.

iBubble can be paired with GoPro 5 and higher version thanks to the iBubble Camera Application and controlled to take pictures and video directly from the remote or from the app in Explorer Mode.
You can find the process to pair the GoPro on the user guide here.

Is the battery swappable?

Yes, you can use any batteries provided by Notilo Plus.

What happens when the battery gets low?

iBubble automatically detects its charge level.

When it becomes critically low, iBubble will flash its blue LED quickly and switch to the Come scenario. You can then disarmed it to pick it up and finish your dive.
If you are near the boat and have warned the surface safety crew, you can also send it directly to the surface using the “Surface” scenario.

If the battery is completely empty, iBubble will shutdown and slowly rise to the surface thanks to its slightly positive buoyancy.

You can check the battery level at any time by placing the remote on its dedicated place on the drone, the battery level will be displayed on the screen.

How long does the battery takes to fully charge?

The charging time of an iBubble battery is 2h30.

What is the purpose of the internal camera?

The internal camera of iBubble is part of the tracking diver system. iBubble uses its image recognition software to identify the shape of the diver underwater, which improves its stability when following. This camera is also used by the Explorer Pack as live video feedback.
However, the internal camera doesn’t record videos or take video – this is done via your own action camera.

Does iBubble make noise underwater?

iBubble emits mainly sounds when activating at the beginning of the dive when arming its propellers. It won’t emit any sounds during the dive and the propellers are not noisy.
The frequency and level of the acoustic emissions are not dangerous for the marine fauna and flora.

Which scenarios are available for iBubble?

iBubble’s scenarios catalog will evolve over time. Currently the scenarios available are:


  • Follow: iBubble positions itself behind the diver and follow the diver holding the remote. When the diver comes close to iBubble, the drone moves backwards. If the diver moves forward, the drone is following.
  • Lead: iBubble positions itself ahead of you and look straight ahead. When the diver comes close to iBubble, the drone moves forwards.  If the diver moves forward, the drone is moving backwards.
  • Circle: iBubble circles around you and films inwards. For a better experience it is best to activate this scenario when you are not moving.
  • Come: iBubble heads towards you and shuts down its propellers when close. You can then grab it by the handles and film a specific point of interest or move iBubble in specific steep places. Before to change the scenario, take some distance with iBubble and then activate the scenario wanted.
  • Stay: iBubble stops and stabilizes itself at its current depth. You can move away from it but be sure to not go to far in order to keep a connection with iBubble. Otherwise it may lose the signal and come back to the surface.
  • Disarmed: This scenario disarms iBubble and deactivate its propellers. It will stay on, but won’t use its motors until you switch to another scenario. It is the scenario to use in case of emergency or distress to stop the drone.



What is the maximum depth of the drone and what happen if I dive beyond?

The maximum depth iBubble can reach is limited to 60 meters.
Thanks to its internal systems, iBubble will stop automatically at this depth, even if you don’t.

In what kind of currents can iBubble go?

iBubble can swim in currents reaching a speed of 3 knots. With its 7 propellers and internal stabilization system, it will remain stable even in strong currents.

What is the speed of iBubble?

The maximum iBubble speed is 1.5 meters per second underwater.

Does iBubble have lights?

iBubble comes with two integrated lights. These lights are 1000 lumens each, and are directly connected to the drone’s battery.
You can control the lights during the dive thanks to the remote and the “Mode” menu.

Is iBubble buoyant?

Yes, iBubble is slightly buoyant, even in fresh water!
It uses its vertical propellers to stabilize itself vertically. It is possible to adjust iBubble’s buoyancy by removing or adding weights. Ensure that the rope of emergency plug is fixed with the screw even without the weights.

Can I change the battery underwater?

No, because it is protected in a watertight compartment. However, you can change it very quickly on the boat, in the dry zone.
Find here a video tutorial on how to put the battery in the drone.

If you are using the Explorer Pack, make sure you do not let the cable connected to the drone while changing the battery, it might damage both the drone and the connector.

Is the camera included with iBubble?

No, it is not included with iBubble. However, thanks to our camera action mount included in the hull, you can put any action camera you want on the drone.
Plus, the iBubble Camera Application allow you to pair your GoPro 5 (and above version) in order to control the GoPro directly with the remote underwater or with the iBubble Camera application in Explorer Mode.

You will find the process to pair your GoPro with the drone within the video tutorial section here or on the user manual downloadable here.

What is the maximum distance of iBubble from the diver?

The maximum distance of iBubble from the diver holding the transmitter can be set to 6 meters thanks to the iBubble Camera Application.
If during the dive iBubble get stuck and you continue to dive further, iBubble will completely lost the signal above 29 meters of distance.

Is iBubble going to be updated on a regular basis?

Yes, updates will be regular according to feedback and natural evolution of the product.

Does turning on the lights impacts the battery life?

Turning on iBubble’s lights does have an impact on its battery life, although it is kept to a minimum. With normal conditions, the battery life with lights on should be about one hour.

What happens if iBubble detects a leak?

If iBubble detects a leak inside its battery compartment or in its electronic components, it will surface and turn off. Do not attempt to swim back up to it right away – always respect proper diving safety procedures.

Is it possible to switch iBubble off underwater?

iBubble cannot be switched off underwater. Except in case of emergency by pulling out the safety plug under the drone.
Otherwise, the drone can only be deactivated using the “Disarmed” Scenario thanks to the remote while diving or via the iBubble Camera Application in Explorer Mode.

If for any reason iBubble has been switched off underwater, is it prohibited to turned it on underwater. Bring it back to the surface and restart the drone there.

How can I configure my iBubble?

You can configure your iBubble via the official iBubble Camera Application.

What are the vertical and horizontal settings in the app?

In the iBubble Camera application, you will find within the scenarios category the parameters to set the position of the drone according to you and the remote’s transmitter while diving with it.

The Distance is to set the position of the drone on the horizontal plane. You can set the close distance between 1.5 meters to 3 meters and the far distance between 3 meters and 6 meters.
The vertical shift sets the vertical position of the drone. The distance covered is between 0 and 1,5 meters.

Once set, the drone’s position can only be changed on the horizontal plane during the dive thanks to the remote by selecting the Far/Close mode.
If you want to change the settings you will need to do it with the iBubble Camera application and out of water.

How does the remote work?

The iBubble remote is equipped by an acoustic transmitter at the end of the cable that communicates the order to the 4 hydrophones on the drone.

The drone is able to triangulate the position of the diver thanks to the transmitter’s remote and a pressure sensor in the remote. So it is important to do not let too much distance between the transmitter and the remote during the dive.

Make sure that you do not lose it underwater!

How can I make iBubble follow another diver?

iBubble follows the remote. To have iBubble follow another diver, you simply give the remote directly underwater.
iBubble will detect the switch and will start following the other diver.

How does the obstacle avoidance work?

The obstacle avoidance works thanks to sonar. It emits a regular pulse, which indicates the presence of obstacles around the drone.

The obstacle avoidance allows the drone to identify obstacle from 1,5m in any direction. Always keep it in mind when using iBubble and imagine a sphere of 3 meters in diameter with the drone in the middle.

The obstacle can be :

  • reef and corals
  • other divers
  • air bubble from the divers
  • etc.

The obstacle avoidance is not activated between 0 and 2 meters under the surface so be careful when using the drone in a low depth.

Remember the drone is not able to take decisions, it will stop when facing an obstacle and wait for another command. Always keep an eye on iBubble while diving with it.

In any case, please remember that iBubble is always under your responsibility.

How can I check iBubble’s battery status underwater?

You can check iBubble’s battery status underwater by placing the remote above its designated spot. The battery status will be displayed on the remote’s screen.

When it becomes critically low, iBubble will flash its blue LED quickly and switch to the “Come” scenario. You can then pick it up and finish your dive, if you are near the boat and have warned the surface safety crew, you can also send it directly to the surface using the “Surface” scenario.

If the battery is completely empty, iBubble will shutdown and slowly rise to the surface thanks to its slightly positive buoyancy.