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Underwater Drone





iBubble follows you automatically and films your entire diving session. Simply switch filming modes with the remote. iBubble takes care of the rest.


Dive and film all day long by easily replacing it’s battery between dives.

60M / 196FT MAX. DEPTH

With iBubble, enjoy the depths like never before. The wireless underwater drone will follow you everywhere up to 60m deep.


Its 100 meters / 300ft cable allows you to explore in a large radius around you.


Pilot iBubble effortlessly from your boat or the shore in total comfort thanks to the Explorer Pack. iBubble can be easily turned into an agile ROV.


Thanks to its 7 propellers, iBubble can follow you with ease and offers unrivaled underwater mobility.


With its 2 integrated wide-angle lights of 1000 lumens each, shine your way into water and film in any circumstances.

For Who?

iBubble is the first autonomous and wireless underwater drone. It is the ideal diving companion. Designed for easy use, it tracks and films your dive by adopting unique angles. You will be able to share your underwater adventures in a completely new way. Turn it on, put it in the water, choose your built-in motion scenario, and let iBubble take care of taking pictures. Enjoy your dive, iBubble follows you. The drone is autonomous and films your dive avoiding obstacles automatically. It easily follows you thanks to its patented automatic visual recognition and sonar technologies. iBubble lets you enjoy your underwater adventures for up to 1.5 hours, or more thanks to its interchangeable batteries.

Capture the beauty of the ocean
with no impact

Designed with the fragile beauty of our ocean in mind, iBubble is silent and aware of its surroundings. Thanks to its sonar and multiple detectors, iBubble can recognize and avoid obstacles underwater.


With 7 engines providing iBubble unrivaled mobility and power, you can also ride iBubble as an underwater scooter. Simply activate the “Ride Mode” and push the limits of your snorkeling experience further!

A unique experience from
the comfort of your boat

iBubble’s Explorer Mode is the ultimate exploration experience. With its dedicated controller with HD screen providing live video feedback and 100m/300ft of cable, you will be able to
pilot iBubble effortlessly from the surface.

How it works?

IBUBBLE and its accessories

Underwater Drone




iBubble is the first wireless, entirely autonomous underwater drone. Turn it on, put it in the water, chose your integrated movement scenario and let iBubble take care of the filming.

Thanks to its cutting-edge and patented acoustic technology, the drone will automatically avoid obstacles and follow you everywhere you go to capture your underwater adventures in a truly unique way. With iBubble you can fully enjoy your diving experience and share it with everyone.





With the iBubble Explorer Pack, get everything you need to make your diving trips unforgettable. Reach the full potential of iBubble.

Including a dedicated controller with HD screen and 100m/300ft of cable, you will be able to pilot iBubble as a ROV from the shore or your boat to further explore into the depths.

Travel anywhere in the world with the iBubble hardcase and dive all day long with 2 extra batteries and 2 battery chargers.


 – Available soon –

Recommended accessories

Explorer Pack

Turn iBubble into a stable and agile R.O.V. with the Explorer Pack!

Discover the depths from the surface with your smartphone before diving in.

Explorer iBubble controller

Dive and explore with the Explorer Pack from iBubble! Plug it in, turn iBubble into R.O.V. ultra efficient and control it with its remote control with integrated screen.

Poignées de protection

Les poignées de protection iBubble procurent une protection supplémentaire aux côtés de votre drone et une prise en main accrue lorsque vous manipulez iBubble. Leur design élégant vous permettra de transporter facilement votre iBubble dans et hors de l’eau !

IBubble Carrying Bag

Avec le sac de transport p

With iBubble’s personalized carrying bag, easily take your personal underwater drone wherever you go diving! This transport bag is designed to contain iBubble and its accessories. The bag is equipped with shoulder straps and additional padding to facilitate the transport of your drone safely. With the iBubble transport bag, easily transport your yellow companion – in style!

iBubble Hardcase

We know divers like to travel the world to discover the most beautiful dive sites.
With iBubble’s custom hardcase, transport your personal underwater cameraman everywhere you go.

This hardcase is designed to hold iBubble and its accessories.

Size: 81 x 52,5 x 42 cm

Additional Battery

Why dive once when there is so much to explore with iBubble?
With this additional battery, dive all day long with your personal underwater cameraman and don’t miss a single moment!

Maintenance kit

Thanks to this maintenance kit, the battery compartment of your iBubble will remain waterproof, even after intensive use! This kit contains two (2) seals and one (1) tube of silicone grease for the iBubble battery compartment. It is recommended to change the iBubble seal after 40 dives.

Our Ambassadors


Marine Biologist, Renowned Underwater Photographer


Quadruple Freediving World Champion, Underwater Filmmaker


TV presenter, Adventurer, Professional Diver


Oceanographer, Co-scriptwriter of Oceans movie, Cousteau crew member


Explorer and Adventurer, Ice Diving Specialist


Underwater Filmmaker, Explorer, Cousteau crew member

Umberto Pelizzari

Freediver, Holder of 16 World Records

Carlos Coste

Freediver, Holder of 11 World Records

Xavier Meniscus

Deep-sea Diver, Cave Diving Champion

Phil Simha

Renowned photographer, veteran diving instructor